Content (Syllabus outline)

•             Entrepreneurship and food processing company in a market economy. The importance and role of entrepreneurship. The concept of, environment and type of enterprise. Phases and components of the entrepreneurial process.

•             Assets, resources and costs in the business process. Balance sheet. Basic and current assets. Sources of assets and liabilities of a company.

•             Profit and loss account. Business revenues and costs. Categories of business performance. Business performance analysis. Cash flow. Monetary flow. Costing and pricing and profit.

•             Analysis of economic efficiency and investment appraisal. Productivity and efficiency. Profitability and other performance indicators. Concept, types and characteristics of investments. Methods of investment appraisal.

•             Marketing of food products. Marketing process, the concept of marketing management. Buying behaviour of consumers. Market information, analysis, strategy. Definition of competitive advantage, positioning, differentiation. Elements of product strategy. Cost and value pricing. Forms and features of distribution channels. The process and elements of marketing communications.


a) Prerequisites for the work: entry in the corresponding year of study program.
b) Terms of Prerequisites: the condition for the examination is completed seminar.