Content (Syllabus outline)

  • Furnishing of residential and public buildings
  • The characteristics of furniture and furnishing design throughout various historical periods
  • Knowledge of the basics of product ergonomics
  • Non-historical styles and the influence of different cultures on the European interior
  • The process and techniques of furnishing planning. Influential values in furnishing planning (technical regulations and standards). The principles of composition
  • The planning of living area illumination
  • Art color theory - the use of the principles of color
  • Production of large series, small batches, on-request furniture, unique design
  • The influence of living areas on the furniture (specific spatial requirements of living areas). Room furniture for people with specific needs
  • Urban furniture. Furniture and a healthy living environment. The influence of the lifestyle and housing type on furniture design
  • Computer media in design
  • Production of a conceptual design of individual housing units


1. Prerequisites for the work:

Entry in the corresponding year of the study programme.

2. Terms of prerequisites:

-   attendance at tutorials

-   conducted a project

-   colloquium from tutorials

-           tutorials