Content (Syllabus outline)

Overview into the production of table grapes - Slovenia, Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Oceania (statistics, quantities, trends, etc.). Arrangement of the vineyard for table grapes - restoration of the vineyard, soil preparation and cultivation, planting of grafts, planting distances, etc. Assortment and appropriate varietal ampelotechnics - varietal needs, special techniques (use of gibberellins, brushing inflorescences, cluster shortening, girdling and notching, etc.). Requirements for constructions and training systems, winter and green pruning, defoliation, clusters thinning etc.. IPM and ECO technics for the production of table grapes and the adequacy of protection (diseases and pests). Edible quality of table grapes - visual and chemical properties of grapes and requirements (legislation, standards, etc.). Options for the combined production of table grapes for the production of raisins and the possibilities and potential of table grape storage.


Requirements for participation:

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Requirements for course attendance:

  1. attendance at practices
  2. enrolment of field exercise
  1. practice test
  2. presentation of project paper
  3. exam