Content (Syllabus outline)

  • Entrepreneurship in advanced economies. Importance and role of entrepreneurship. Steps and components of entrepreneurial process. Specificities of biotech enterprises.
  • Definition of an enterprise. Business environment. Company registration procedure. Company structure. Systematisation of enterprises and legal forms of business units in Slovenia. Systematisation by the organisational structure of an enterprise.
  • Accountancy. Principles of double-entry bookkeeping system. Balance sheet (principles and structure).Profit and loss account (principles and structures). Bookkeeping sheets and business information databases.
  • Business performance analysis and investments appraisal. Productivity, efficiency, value added. Indicators and indices of business performance.
  • Fundamentals of business planning. Structure of a business plan. Definition of competitive advantage of a business idea.
  • Marketing management of an enterprise – fundamental principles. Purchasing / consumption behaviour. Components of a marketing mix. Product strategy. Cost and value pricing. Distribution strategy. Marketing communication and promotion.


Requirements for enrolment:

Entry in the corresponding  year of the study program


Terms of Prerequisites:

Defence of seminar