Content (Syllabus outline)

Selected chapters from physiology and anatomy. Composition and basic characteristics of the body (chemical composition, circadian rhythms, growth, development, cell signalling). Nervous system (development and function). Sensory organs (basic mechanisms of function, anatomy and histology). Muscles and motor system (composition and function of smooth, skeletal and cardiac muscles). Digestion (composition of digestive tract, digestive processes, regulation of feeding and drinking). Blood and immune system. Cardiovascular system (heart, blood vessels, blood circulation, gas and nutrients exchange). Respiration (anatomy, mechanics and physiology). Metabolism (carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, water, minerals, vitamins). Thermoregulation. Excretory organs (anatomy, physiology, urine formation and composition). Endocrine system (endocrine glands, hormones).  Reproduction (anatomy and histology of reproductive organs, oogenesis and spermatogenesis, oestrous cycles, fertilization, pregnancy, labour, lactation). Fetal development (basics of fetal physiology).


Prerequisites for enrolment:

Registration in suitable year of study programme.


Terms of Prerequisites:


 - Practical work full attendance

 - Presentation of seminar

 - Presentation of practical’s project