Content (Syllabus outline)

State of the art and management: History of forest clearing and degradation; Primeval forests and forest reserves in the world, Europe and Slovenia; Historical development of the concept of forest reserves; Purpose and significance of old-growth forests conservation and installation of forest reserves networks; Naturalness assessment and guidelines for management.

Forest reserves networks in Europe: Best practices, Recommendations. Forest Reserves

Network in Slovenia. Popularisation, development of educational outreach; management and equipment for education and recreation.


Monitoring and research in forest reserves: Historical overview of conceptual models and methodological approaches. Recommendations for standardisation of research methodologies.

Transfer of research finding into practical silviculture and nature conservation. Incorporation of forest reserves network in forest management planning. Overview of contemporary research.


1. Condition for inclusion in the work:

- Inscription to adequate academic year  

- Completed exams from the first year

- For students of other disciplines prerequisite is passed exam in botany


2. Condition for performing study obligations: 

- Positive grade of mid-term examination (precondition for final examination)

- Positive grade of seminar work

- Report from field exercise

- Active collaboration in class and in filed exercise