Content (Syllabus outline)

- Computer aided manufacturing (CAM) technologies.
- Methods of making CAD models of spatial products.
- CAD/CAM software, connection between CAD/CAM software.
- CAM protocol building blocks.
- Basic and specific commands of CAM production.
- Planning and selection of appropriate product manufacturing technology.
- Optimization of manufacturing parameters according to product design, tool selection, technological parameters and manufacturing costs.
- 2 axis programming of CNC turning process.
- 3 and 5 axis programming of CNC milling machines.
- 3, 5 and 7 axis programming of an anthropomorphic robot on a linear axis.
- Process simulation techniques.
- NC code generation.
- Transfer the code to the CNC machine.
- Production of the product on a CNC machine.


1. Prerequisites for the work: 
Entry in the corresponding year of the study programme. 

2. Terms of prerequisites: 
- colloquium from tutorials 
- attendance at tutorials, 
- project work,
- written report.