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Landscape Architecture

The study of landscape architecture is of a specifically interdisciplinary nature, which means that the knowledge on which it builds its activities draws on numerous fields. A landscape architect is therefore suitably educated in disciplines that provide the knowledge required for planning the use of space, protection of nature and designing the landscape, such as:

  • Natural history, ecological geology, pedology, meteorology, botany, physical geography, general and landscape ecology, phytocenology, hydrobiology
  • Socio-economic and culturological philosophy with logic, ecological psychology, spatial sociology, municipal economics, spatial planning law, history of architecture, development of settlements, development of landscape design
  • Technical geodesy with aerophotogrametrics, building and landscape techniques, statistics, computer studies, water regulation
  • Design and planning drawing, three-dimensional design, planning open spaces, landscape design, planning urban landscapes, bases of architectural and urban project planning, regional planning, revitalization of the countryside.

Lecturers from various other schools of the University of Ljubljana, such as the Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, teach within the study program of landscape architecture. These bring to the study a variety of knowledge and different points of view and thus contribute to shaping the broad vision that is essential for an activity such as landscape architecture, since landscape architecture must seek planning harmony in space and as balanced relationships as possible among the various conservation and development interests.

Study is diverse and content rich and, similarly, also diverse in forms of study activity. The bulk of learning takes place in seminars, which enable students to play an active role, and to prepare individual projects and seminar tasks. An appreciable extent of study is also devoted to fieldwork, which is intended for the recognition of natural characteristics, sketching in the open, familiarization with Slovene landscapes and the settlement heritage at home and abroad.

Study of landscape architecture has taken place at the Biotechnical Faculty since 1972. It started as postgraduate study and since 1976 has also been offered as regular undergraduate study.