Students look at the collected selected parts of plants as at the building blocks of some imaginary landscape; through and from them they articulate singular imaginary topographies with a diversity of messages and poetics that they arrive at by seeking an appropriate expressiveness and by playing a variety of possibilities off against each other. In this, they are constantly exploring and considering spatial relations, materiality, and the expressiveness of the created world. The Exercises in Style enables them to explore and use various structural and artistic idioms within the design language of landscape architecture and beyond it. Here the parts of plants lose their direct materiality, and they are also deprived of any symbolic connotation that they might tend to have. Through this process, assemblages become models of not entirely conceived spatial dynamics, just a hint of a landscape, the bare potentials of some possible spatial configuration. 

Production: Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana

Mentors: Prof. Dr Ana Kučan, Assistant Nejc Florjanc

Curator of Mala Galerija Banke Slovenije: Vladimir Vidmar

The Exercises in Style were exhibited in MGBS from June 30 to August 28, 2021.