Department of Landscape Architecture

Type of project

ARIS projects

Type of project

Basic research project




01.10.2022 - 30.09.2025



Project manager at BF

Marot Naja


The project systematically addresses recreational habits and infrastructure in relation to spatial planning and management. In doing so, it addresses the deterioration of recreational infrastructure, which is currently facing the issue of the relationship between public and private management, the non-systemic approach to management, planning and research at national and local level, the changed leisure activities of people, and the changed use of space for recreational purposes.



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The phases of the project and their realization

The project is structured in four thematic work packages (WP1 – WP4) and one dissemination package (WP5). WP1 (m1-m18) aims to highlight the current research and the state of recreational infrastructure at national and regional level. WP2 (m1-m30) is dedicated to the research on recreation and exercise habits of Slovenians and the impact of the pandemic on them. WP3 (m17-m30) addresses recreational infrastructure in a spatial (and time-related) context in terms of the needs of the population. WP4 (m13-m36) examines the management aspects of recreation, with a focus on spatial planning of recreational infrastructure. WP5 (m1-m36) is dedicated to the dissemination of project results,


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