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Biology is the science of life and is related to all aspects of human activity. Knowledge of biology enables interdisciplinary thinking, since it connects and supplements all key natural sciences. We are living at a time of fast change, as well as at a time of milestones in biological research. Words such as biodiversity, environment, ecology and sustainable development, cloning and genetically modified organisms are part of our everyday and biology also deals with all these.

The study programme is adapted to the fast development of biological sciences and the needs of today’s society and links all key fields of biology. It enables graduates to find employment in research laboratories and institutes, biotech industries, governmental institutions (ministries, inspectorates and other institutions, municipal administrations), in national and landscape parks, botanical and zoological gardens, museums and in national and international non-governmental organizations. The European comparability of the program we provide also enables study and later work in the larger European area.

The study programme of biology is provided at the Department of Biology. Studies include the first cycle academic study programme Biology and several second cycle master study programmes: Molecular and Functional Biology, Ecology and Biodiversity and Biological Education. The scientific fields of biology, bioinformatics, nanosciences and cell sciences are included in the Interdisciplinary doctoral study programme in Biosciences.

Head of the department is prof. dr. Marko Kreft.


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Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Biology, Večna pot 111, 1000 Ljubljana

tel: +386 1 3203 300

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