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Biotechnology in the wider sense is defined as the integrated use of molecular biology and engineering knowledge for the commercial use of organisms, their parts and products. It is closely related to science, fast developing innovation, multi-disciplinarity and the possibility of establishment of a small and medium business. Biotechnology study provides basic natural science knowledge, supplemented with a specific biotechnological content corresponding to the needs of the most up-to-date technologies and science in various professions.

The programme involves various forms of study, from classical teaching approaches to work in project groups with an emphases on practical work. It trains students to work independently and in a team, understand interdisciplinarity and use their own initiative.

There are a variety of employment opportunities, from research institutions, research and development programmes in the sphere of agriculture, food and nutrition, pharmacy, medicine, ecology to control laboratories, state administration and  biotechnical companies.

The study of biotechnology is jointly provided by several departments of the Biotechnical Faculty (Department of Agronomy, Department of Biology, Department of Food Science, Department of Animal Science, Department of Wood Science and the Department of Forestry). Certain subjects are provided in cooperation with the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Veterinary Faculty, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The programme is also provided in association with the National Institute of Biology, Institute Jozef Stefan, Chemistry Institute and the companies Acies Bio d. o. o, BIA Separations d. o. o., Educell d. o. o. and Biobanka d. o. o. and the Blood transfusion centre of Slovenia.

Studies include the first cycle study program Biotechnology and the second cycle master study program Biotechnology. The scientific field of biotechnology is included in the Interdisciplinary doctoral study programme in Biosciences.