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Aim of the congress on food and nutrition, CEFood 2022

Aim of the congress is to pinpoint and recognize the latest advances along the food supply chain including research and education with open discussions on current issues in this area respecting environmental concerns and to provide guidance to the ongoing projects in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition, involving hands-on professionals, scholars, researchers and policy makers.


Congress program

The content and areas of the congress will be presented by: 5 selected plenary lecturers selected on the basis of scientific excellence, 11 keynote speakers, other lecturers and other researchers with posters

Prof. dr. Nataša Poklar Ulrih, one of the 11 keynote speakers, wrote in the summary of the lecture entitled New approaches to increasing the bioavailability of bioactive substances: “The market for natural products has grown tremendously in recent years. Bioactive compounds found in natural products have outstanding properties, such as beneficial nutritional, medicinal and structural properties, as well as antimicrobial and antioxidant activity. Bioactive compounds are often poorly soluble and stable and have low bioavailability. Low stability, especially during storage, leads to the loss of the active ingredient, the formation of metabolites without activity and, in extreme cases, the formation of toxic metabolites. In this review, we will present some new approaches to increase the stability of bioactive compounds such as pantothenic acid and folic acid, and their protection against adverse environmental conditions using lipids and/or polymer matrices."

The full scientific program is available online, round tables on the link, workshops on the link. Social events and other accompanying events, which also promise experiences in the field of Slovenian cuisine and its gastronomic heritage, will be published Subsequently on the congress website.


Submission of abstract 

On the link you can submit an abstract for various presentation options at the congress. 

Key dates are:

April 15, 2022: Abstract submission (ORAL)

May 15, 2022: Abstract submission (FLASH or POSTER)

June 15, 2022: Submission of commercial presentation



The organizers invite you to register for the event (link) at discounted prices. 

Key dates are:

June 15, 2022: Registration under reduced registration fees


More information

Congress website



We look forward to welcoming you in Čatež ob Savi!