Content (Syllabus outline)

Plant systems for recognition of diverse microorganisms. Interactions with microorganisms on physiological, morphological and biochemical leves and differential gene expresion. Concepts of benefits and costs, susceptibility and resistance. Plant defence systems. Interactions with pathogens, symptomes, physiology and diagnostics, consequences for plants used for food. Simbiotic interactions, physiology and identification, importance for survival, yields and resistance to pathogens, herbivores and stress. Plant endophytes and sterility of plant tissues, diagnostics of endopyhtes and importance for biotechnology. Interactions of plants with viruses, phytoplasmas and bacteria; nodulation, actinorhisa and mycorrhiza. Applications of plant interaction in plant biotechnology. Phytodiagnostics focused on modern serological and molecular methods and electron microscopy.


Requirements for enrolment:
- admission into 2nd year of MSc biotechnology.

Terms of Prerequisites:
- all course obligations need to be passed to enter the exam.e in terensko delo.