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Gumb išči


Chair of Forest Health and Wildlife Management



Head: prof. dr. Klemen Jerina

prof. dr. Maja Jurc (professor)
prof. dr. Klemen Jerina (professor/researcher)
Roman Pavlin, univ. dipl. inž. gozd (teaching assistant/researcher)
Danijel Borkovič, dipl. inž. gozd. (technical associate)
assist. prof. dr. Miha Krofel, univ. dipl. biolog (researcher)
assist. prof. dr. Tine Hauptman, univ. dipl. inž. gozd. (Assistant professor/researcher)
assist. prof. dr. Dejan Bordjan, univ. dipl. biol. (researcher)
Urša Fležar, univ. dipl. biol. (researcher)
Lan Hočevar, univ. dipl. inž, gozd. (researcher)

dr. Tomaž Mihelič, univ. dipl. biol. (assistant)


Pedagogical work

  • Undergraduate studies (higher education and university degree)
  • Postgraduate studies


Research work



Professional and development work

undergraduate and postgraduate education
scientific research work
professional advisory activity
accredited laboratory for diagnostics – entomological laboratory (MKGP – FURS, 15.maj 2004), head of the laboratory: prof.dr. Maja Jurc


Entomological collection

In the premises of the Department for the forest protection and wildlife ecology is also rich entomological collection of primarily forest insects. It was created as a result of the research of insects and forest protection, after establishing Agronomic and forestry faculty in 1949. At the Faculty, the Chair for forest protection was organized and established in 1951  by J. Šlander, as well as entomological study collection  (Šlander 1955). Entomological collection of the Department of Forestry and Renewable Forest Resources BF (BF-FOREST / ENTOMFAVNA) was continuously supplemented as a result of research work in the field of forest protection. Part of the entomological collection is also beetles collection in which we started in November of 2005  systematic editing of the material. This resulted in a revised collection of longhorn beetles (Cerambycidae). In the preparation is also a collection of bark beetles (Scolytidae).


International cooperation

  • Twining project with Spain, SIO4/AGO2-TL »Effective Phytosanitary Control System« (Jurc, 2006-2010 )
  • Institut für Forstentomologie, Forstpathologie und Forstschutz der Universität für Bodenkultur, Wien (BOKU), Austria; prof. dr. Erhard Halmschlager
  • The Finnish Forestry Research Institute (Metsäntutkimuslaitos), Department for forest protection, Helsinki, Finland; dr. dr. Risto Jalkanen
  • Forstliche Bundesversuchsanstalt Wien (FBVA), Institut für Forstschutz, Austria, dr. Hanes Krehan
  • University of Zagreb, Croatia, Faculty of forestry, Hrvatska; prof. dr. Milan Glavaš, prof. dr. Boris Hrašovec, doc. dr. Danko Diminič, doc. dr. Josip Margaletič, prof. dr. Marijan Grubešič
  • Croatian forest research institut, Croatia; dr. Boris Liović, mag. Sanja Akbaba Inštitut Jožef Stefan, Ljubljana; prof. dr. Sašo Đeroski
  • Plant Protection Service (PPS), The section Entomology of PPS, Wageningen, The Netherlands; dr. Paul Van Halteren, dr. Maurice G. M. Jansen
  • St.Stephen University, Gödöllö, Hungary (prof.Lazslo Szemethy) - University of Western Hungary, Sopron (prof. dr. Andras Nahlik)
  • University of Zagreb, Croatia, Faculty of veterinary medicine (Prof. dr. Đuro Huber)
  • Agricultural University of Norvay, Äs (Prof.dr.Jon SWENSON)


Specific publications

Current professional publications:

  • The attraction of cerambycids...
  • Biodiversity of saproxylic beetles...
  • First report on Chalara fraxinea...  
  • Phyllonorycter issikii u Sloveniji...
  • Ophiostomatoid fungi...
  • Dasineura gleditschiae...
  • Sanitary felling of Norway spruce...



  • Slovenian:
    • (ZGS)
    • (GIS)
  • Other:
    • Saproxylic beetles in Europe: monitoring, biology and conservation
    • (Interreg)
    • (A large Carnivore Initiative for Europe)