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Microbiology is a basic and applied natural science, which has developed extremely fast in the last 20 years. The study of microbiology enables the understanding of the living world, microbial processes and organisms invisible to the human eye that are crucial for life on our planet. The programme provides basic natural science knowledge (mathematics, chemistry, statistics, biophysics, biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology, bioinformatics) and specific knowledge of microbial physiology, genetics, taxonomy, biotechnology, ecology, virology, immunology and the importance of microbes in medicine. 

Due to the multidisciplinary nature of the study, microbiologists are employable in highly diverse fields such as medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology, food science and environmental protection.

The microbiology studies are carried out by several departments of the Biotechnical Faculty (Department of Microbiology, Department of Biology, Department of Food Science and Technology) and the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ljubljana. The study is headed by the Senate Department of Microbiology. Administratively, the study of microbiology is conducted at the Department of Food Science and Technology at the Biotechnical Faculty.

The study includes Bachelor and Master study programme in Microbiology. The scientific field of microbiology is also included in the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Study of Biosciences and Biomedicine.