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Dear future student!

The time is coming when you will make a decision about where to study. A decision that will have a major impact on the further course of your life. If you are interested in science and living nature is close to you, your decision to study is easier. You can choose between macro- and micro-biology, between the visible and invisible living world. Microbiology covers the invisible but extremely active half of living nature on this planet.

Microbiology is the study of the basic and applied aspects of microorganisms, the functioning of their cells, their capabilities, adaptation, regulation, enzymes, energy, genetics and development. Through the study of microbiology, we take you to a variety of daily but also extreme environments where we can find microorganisms. Microbes are all around us: in the atmosphere, in the soil, in rocks, in sediments, in deep-sea hydrothermal vents, in salterns, in Arctic ice, in the Himalayas, in deserts and oases, in coral reefs, estuaries, geysers, or in a nuclear power plant. You will learn about the fantastic nutritional abilities of microbes that allow them to survive where there is no place and living conditions for plants and animals. And you will realise that every plant or animal is a host for microorganisms that far outnumber the host’s own cells. You will be convinced that the human body is an ecosystem consisting of human and microbial cells, and that our well-being and health depends on the microorganisms that have helped shape us evolutionarily, and that they can even influence our thinking and development. In the microbial jungle, you will be able to distinguish harmful from harmless microorganisms, bacteria from fungi, protozoa, archaea and viruses. The knowledge you gain during the study of microbiology will allow you to alter the genomes of microbes and give them new characteristics. You will harness the power of the invisible for the benefit of humanity. You will be able to participate in the development of new antibiotics, the preparation of new fermented foods, the development of new diagnostic tools in medicine, the development of renewable energy processes, various procedures for the treatment of our environment (bioremediation), the improvement of urban and industrial wastewater, and in the search for sustainable means of protection in agriculture …

Microbiology studies at the Biotechnical Faculty in 2022 established own department. In 2013 microbiology studies have celebrated their 20th anniversary of a very successful run. Generations of successful graduates, who have found their place among the leading researchers in industry and academia at home and abroad, are the proof and the certainty that the study fulfils its basic mission well and has become a leading educational institution in microbiology in Slovenia and Central Europe over the years. You are kindly invited to join us, visit us on the information day, where we will be able to present the study of Microbiology in more detail and answer questions with some of the study providers and active students of microbiology, thus helping you to make a decision. We look forward to every new enthusiastic, curious and innovative microbiologist!

Collegium for the Study of Microbiology