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Animal Science

Animal nutrition for the health of animals, people and the environment

The mission of the Chair of Nutrition is development and knowledge transfer in the field of nutrition. We provide students in undergraduate, master and doctoral studies of agriculture - animal science, food and nutrition and biosciences both in-depth and practical knowledge in the field of nutrition.

The research work of the Chair covers a wide spectrum of research into various aspects of both animal and human nutrition. We are engaged in basic and applied research into links among diet, feed, animals, animal products and the environment.

Research is focused on the study of animal needs for various nutrients and the effects of diet on animal health, in research into the quality, nutritional value and effects of different feeds and feed additives and antinutritional materials on the health and production properties of animals. We study how animal nutrition reduces the secretion of substances into the environment. We explore the importance of animal products in human nutrition, possibilities of animal nutrition for improving the technological quality and nutritional value of animal products and the potentials of animal nutrition for the creation of functional foods of animal origin. Using animal models, we also examine various aspects of human nutrition. We use classical and advanced laboratory analyses and in vitro studies in our research, and research on model and target species.

Extensive experience and good research potentials enable, in addition to effective teaching, also high quality advisory services and participation in professional and research tasks for individual clients, for example, advisory services, farms, the animal feed industry, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Head of the chair:
Prof. Janez Salobir
T: +386 1 320 38 14

Deputy head:
Prof. Tatjana Pirman
T: +386 1 320 38 95

Deputy head:
Assoc. Prof. Andrej Lavrenčič
T: +386 1 320 38 94