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Animal Science

Person in charge: Assoc. Prof.  Klemen Potočnik, Chair of Animal Breeding Science
Employee: Eva Žitnik

The PRC for Horse Breeding Krumperk operates within the framework of Biotechnical faculty of the University of Ljubljana and is intended for educational and research work in the field of horse breeding and equestrian sports.

The centre is located 5 km from the Department of Animal Science. In the centre we have horses of the Lipizzaner breed, which are intended both for breeding and for running a riding school. At present the centre has 5 horses and 3 foals of Lipizzaner breed owned by Biotechnical Faculty and they are accompanied by rental horses of different breeds. The centre can accommodate 25 horses. The centre manages about 7 hectares of pastures for horses and about 10 hectares of meadows, which are used in combination as pastures for cattle and meadows for haymaking. Near the stables, in addition to the pastures and runs for horses, there are facilities for working with horses, such as: a grass multi-purpose training area, two sand arenas, a covered riding arena, a lunge pen and a horse walker.

The center conducts exercises in various subjects in the study of agriculture - animal breeding and agriculture - animal husbandry at the Biotechnical Faculty. Through special and general internships, students gain a wide range of knowledge and experience. We offer students the opportunity to participate in research projects in the fields of breeding, training, ethology, health care, economics and management, or to carry out BSc and MSc theses. Students from all faculties of the University of Ljubljana can participate in the riding school through the elective course Sports Education.

We offer various activities for our clients, such as riding school for children and adults, riding for children with special needs, program Rider 1, program Rider 2 etc.

In the PRC there is also a breeding station for the Lipizzaner horse. A breeding stallion 433 Maestoso Batosta XII, breeder: Lipica Stud Farm, is available this season.

The centre also has a promotion group of riders, which includes students from various faculties as well as educators. Their goal, in addition to promoting the University of Ljubljana, is to contribute to the recognition and promotion of the Lipizzaner horse. We organize several events throughout the year that are open to the public. Every year at the beginning of June we organize an event "Lipizzaner horse at the University".


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