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Ikona iskalnik Ikona iskalnik
Gumb išči

Animal Science

Our mission is bound to the development and dissemination of knowledge on the economic and administrative aspects of agriculture and related value chains, sustainable management of natural resources and directing these processes on behalf of public policy. Students attending courses in the field of biotechnics are able to acquire technological knowledge and upgrade skills with a wide range of economic and managerial skills. Members of the Chair lead or participate in national and international research in the fields of agricultural economics, bioeconomics, environmental and ecological economics and policies of management of natural resources. We are involved in professional work in the resolution of current issues related to enhancing competitiveness and directing development - primarily in agribusiness but to an increasing extent also in other branches related to the use of biomass. 

Head of the chair:
Assoc. Prof. Luka Juvančič
T: +386 1 320 39 25

Deputy head:
Assoc. Prof. Aleš Kuhar
T: +386 1 320 38 11