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Ikona iskalnik Ikona iskalnik
Gumb išči

Wood Science and Technology

The research and professional work of the Chair has been focused for many years on the study of the formation and structure of wood, its properties and uses. Cooperation with the wood industry takes place mainly in the field of the study the physical and mechanical properties and drying of wood with hydro-thermal treatment. In this segment, special attention has recently been paid to the development of non-destructive methods. The core areas of work also include wood biology and the study of the response of trees to wounding and climatic changes, and wood quality, which also means a theoretical foundation for the development of tree surgery in Slovenia. The Chair has long been developing dendrochronology, an applicative interdisciplinary science, in which with the obtained knowledge, results and experience, we cooperate with restorers, archaeologists and art historians dealing with historical and archaeological wood. Knowing the anatomy of wood, as one of the primary research areas, we can perform regular and reliable determination of domestic and foreign wood species.