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Wood Science and Technology

The educational and research program of the chair is based on the recognition that wood is the product of complex biological and chemical processes in a tree. The biological functions of wood in a tree are primarily due to the chemical structure of cell walls, which fundamentally determines the structure, diversity of features and infinite possibilities of this unique natural material; for example, in complex building structures, in top products of industrial design, and even in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The study programs of the Department of Wood Science and Technology include a number of subjects that are planned so that students acquire a wide knowledge of the chemical composition of wood, the basic biological processes that determine its properties, and gain an insight into the fundamentals of the technology of chemical processing of wood. The work is planned so that students are involved in the domestic and international research and development projects in which the Working Group for the Chemistry of Wood is currently participating. The Chair of the Chemistry of Wood and Other Lignocelluosic Materials also collaborates in other study programs at the University of Ljubljana, e.g. at the Department of Forestry and Renewable Forest Resources, Academy of Fine Arts and in the doctoral program Biosciences. We strive in particular to perform cutting-edge research in the context of national and international research programs, basic, applicative, industrial-development and other projects, which form the basis of modern university education.