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Ikona iskalnik Ikona iskalnik
Gumb išči

Wood Science and Technology

The educational activity of the chair is focused on lectures in the field of wood pests, both fungi and insects, as well as in the field of wood protection, whereby students of wood science learn about wood pests, protective means and safety procedures. We provide lectures for students of biotechnology on the biotechnology of higher fungi, and for agronomy students lectures on the cultivation of mushrooms. Students of restoration are given details and knowledge of decomposition processes and procedures of preventive and curative protection of objects of the cultural and historical heritage (conservation). We similarly provide lectures in third cycle programs within the framework of the Biotechnical Faculty and other faculties within the University of Ljubljana. Scientific research work is closely related to educational activities, since the latest scientific findings are communicated to students as soon as possible. New challenges in the protection of wood are dictated by concern for humans and the environment. Environmental awareness directs basic research into wood degradation processes and natural processes of protection, and the development of new, environmentally friendly wood preservatives. Basic research enables us to maintain contact with research in the world and to have a vision for the development of wood protection in the future. Recent research findings are transferred into practice and the working group is closely connected with the acceleration of development work in companies. In recent years, two of our patents have been transferred to an industrial level of production; one of which is the protective agent Silvanolin and the second the thermal modification of wood with an initial vacuum. We carry out inspections of structures and objects infested with wood pests and determine the causative agents. On the basis of expert findings, we provide instructions for remediation.

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