Department of wood science and technology

Type of project

ARIS projects

Type of project

Basic research project




01.10.2023 - 30.09.2025


1,07 FTE

Project manager at BF

Žigon Jure


In this research project, a new technological process will be developed and evaluated, with which it will be possible to achieve a high-quality surface treatment of wood, that is considered inferior due to its characteristics.

The results of the research on this project will primarily fill some gaps in knowledge about the properties of inferior wood, which is the first prerequisite for finding solutions that will give this type of wood greater potential uses. In contrast to the already known anatomical and mechanical properties of bark beetle spruce wood, red heartwood beech wood and worn-out wood, there is a lack of knowledge about the morphological, physical and chemical properties of the surfaces of these woods. Through an innovative approach involving the introduction of a plasma pre-treatment process, we aim to modify certain properties of inferior wood surfaces while replacing conventional and less environmentally friendly approaches to protecting inferior wood surfaces. The new device to be developed at the beginning of the project will allow the treatment of the surfaces of wooden workpieces with non-thermal plasma. The influence of plasma treatment on the surface properties of inferior wood and its interaction with different types of coatings is currently an unexplored area in the literature. By determining the properties of the surface systems obtained, we would like to evaluate the quality of the proposed new approach to surface protection of inferior wood with coatings. The proposed project will show the extent to which the new type of surface treatment can help expand the possibilities of using inferior wood


The phases of the project and their realization 

Subproject 1: Development of a treatment process of inferior wood with non-thermal plasma

Subproject 2: Evaluation of the influence of plasma treatment on the surface properties of different types of inferior wood

Subproject 3: Achieving the best possible compatibility of inferior wood surfaces with different coatings

Subproject 4: Determination of resistance properties and durability of applied methods for surface protection of inferior wood

Subproject 5: Parallel project activities



  • Jure Žigon
  • Matjaž Pavlič
  • Aleš Straže
  • Maks Merela
  • Angela Balzano
  • Luka Krže
  • Nina Škrk