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Ikona iskalnik Ikona iskalnik
Gumb išči


Central Biotechnical Library


Jamnikarjeva 101, 1000 Ljubljana

Opening hours

Monday - Friday: 7.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m.


Telephone.: 01 320 3043


Simona Juvan, M.Sc.
Head of the Library

01 320 3043

Vera Zgonik, Ph.D.
Data Steward

01 320 3530

Special features

Central specialised information centres for Biotechnical sciences:

Head: Tomaž Bartol, (+386) 1 320 3161
Person responsible for verifying the classification of researchers’ bibliographic units: Simona Juvan, (+386) 1 320 3043

The tasks of the CSICs are as follows:

  • participating in the optimization of methodological bases for managing researchers’ bibliographies,
  • monitoring and supervising the compliance of the classification of researchers’ bibliographic units with the valid typology in the COBISS system,
  • organizing arbitration in the case of a disputable typology (in cooperation with the ARRS’s Expert Bodies),
  • editing bibliographic records in the case of incorrect classification of bibliographic units,
  • managing bibliographies of Slovenian-born researchers working abroad and other researchers not included in research groups,
  • participating in the integration of the COBISS system with foreign information sources,
  • helping users find scientific contents,
  • engaging in other relevant research activities.


The CSICs are coordinated by the Institute of Information Science in Maribor.

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