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Borrowing materials

A valid University of Ljubljana student ID or a library card is needed for borrowing library materials. A student/library card is not transferable to another person.

The loan period for books is usually one month or two weeks but departmental libraries can set their own rules regarding the loan period depending on the type of materials.

Items on loan can be renewed in person, by telephone, e-mail or via COBISS+ by using My Libraries service.

Overdue loans are charged per day according to the current price list. If items are kept overdue more than one week users may receive a written reminder.

Users are responsible for the borrowed materials. Damaged (torn, highlighted, marked) or lost materials must be replaced or damages paid according to the current price list. 


"My library"

"My Library" is a COBISS / OPAC service allowing library members the following functions:

  • an overview of loans and the option to renew materials;
  • an overview of reserved materials and the option to cancel reservations;
  • an overview of debts and restrictions;
  • an overview of history og borrowed items;
  • an option to change password, email, phone number for SMS notifications;
  • an option to set the settings for electronic notifications;
  • an option to change contact details.

In order to use the "My Library" service you need the number of your library card or your membership number, plus your password, which is assigned to you at the library.
Upon first accessing "My Library" you are free to change your password.


Library membership

To become a member and gain access to the library services, you are required to formally join the library and sign the Application Form. Students enrolled at UL shall pay the membership fee upon enrolment in the first or more senior years in the current academic year at their faculty.

The student card is a uniform library card for all members of the University of Ljubljana (UL), the Central Technical Library (CTK) and the National University Library (NUK), at no additional cost.

Other users may join the library by completing the Application Form and paying the membership fee according to the applicable price list for library services, published on the library website. The memberships fee is payable at the library.