Monograph was published at the end of two research projects on the topic of urban tourism: MESTUR - Analysis of territorial and social impacts on the urban tourism and its territorial governance: the cases of Ljubljana and Maribor (ARRS), and SPOT - Innovative and social platform on cultural tourism and its potential towards deepening Europeanisation (Horizon 2020). Monograph is also a result of co-operation of multiple science fields, including landscape architecture, geography, economy, sociology and spatial planning. Such an interdisciplinary approach has helped to shed a light on relevant aspects of urban tourism and enabled a comprehensive and a more in-dept research of tourism development in urban area.

According to the words of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dejan Cigale, a lecturer and expert of tourism:

»Monograph represent an analytical view on the current situation of the urban tourism since it depicts actual processes and exposes some of the weaknesses of urban tourism. At the same time, the authors present the right direction as well for the better tourism governance in the cities. Thus, we have gained a valuable contribution to the better understanding of the urban tourism and its impacts which is a first step to securing urban tourism's long-term and sustainable development”.

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