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Ikona iskalnik Ikona iskalnik
Gumb išči


We study the response of plants to environmental factors and management practices used in crop production. Studies are conducted at the plant, plant community, and ecosystem levels. We study soil processes related to carbon and nitrogen cycling and plant symbionts (mycorrhizae). In our research we use conventional botanical methods (botanical surveys, anatomy, morphology), biochemical and molecular analyzes, physiological measurements, micrometerological measurements and remote sensing techniques. These methods are integrated in a holistic approach. Several of the current research projects address carbon and water cycling in agroecosystems that are prone to disturbance (e.g., abiotic stress) and subjected to different management practices. We study the biochemical composition of wild plant species, agricultural and medicinal plants. In the field of informatics, we conduct bibliometric and scientometric studies.

We participate in the various study programs (BSc, MSc and PhD) at the University of Ljubljana with courses in botany, plant (eco)physiology, ecology and biotechnical informatics.