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Ikona iskalnik Ikona iskalnik
Gumb išči


Centre for the Study of Growth and Development of Agricultural Plants

A section of the experimental field is occupied by the facilities of the Center for the study of growth and development of agricultural plants, which operates within the Network of research and infrastructural centres of the University of Ljubljana and offers support to the research work of different program groups. The central research greenhouse is equipped with up-to-date technology: three types of heating and curtain systems for shading and energy savings are controlled by a computer via light sensors, assimilation and photoperiodic lights implement additional lighting, movable heated tables and irrigation system by flooding or mobile carts enable optimal cultivation. Dispensers for plant fertilizers facilitate application and permit supervision of plant nutrition. Each section in the greenhouse is equipped with a fogging and a cooling system and can be used as separate units with controlled environment. All processes such as temperature, relative humidity and day/night periods are operated from a control chamber, which also houses a lyophilizer, used for drying samples.