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Ampelographic collection Kromberk near Nova Gorica

The Department of Agronomy maintains a collection of over 60 grapevine varieties and rootstocks on a 2 ha vineyard in the Ampelographic collection in Kromberk near Nova Gorica, as well as a collection of Slovenian vine selection with special emphasis on the old (local, autochthonous) grapevine varieties of the Primorska winegrowing region. As part of the activities in the Ampelographic collection, field exercises are conducted for students of the BSc and MSc Horticulture program, where students are introduced to winter and green pruning of vines (shoot removing, pinching back shoot tips, defoliation, harvesting), various training systems (guyot, casarsa, sylvoz) and technological experiments (grape and shoot thinning, defoliation, protection, pruning etc.), ampelographic differences among varieties (morphological, agrotechnical, biochemical), diseases and pests symptoms (damage) on vines (downy mildew, powdery mildew, wood diseases, phylloxera, etc.) and practices in sustainable viticulture (soil management, protection programmes).