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The Chair of Genetics, Biotechnology, Statistics and Plant Breeding continues the sixty-year tradition of the original chair, which was established when the Faculty was founded in 1947 and was then the first chair in the field of genetics at the University of Ljubljana. Faculty and staff of the Chair meet with students at all three levels of education. At the University of Ljubljana level, we participate in several PhD study programs. Experts from other academic institutions from Slovenia and abroad regularly participate in the implementation of study programs.

In addition to our educational work, we have been conducting extensive scientific research and applied work in the fields of genetics, plant breeding and biotechnology for decades. We are involved in the work of the program groups Agricultural Plants - Genetics and Modern Technologies and Agroecosystems and also cooperate with other program groups where basic research is conducted. At the same time, the members of the department also carry out several other national and international research projects.

Our professional work focuses on the introduction of biotechnological achievements in agriculture and food, as well as related legislation and public awareness. In the field of genetics, our basic research focuses on the genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics of certain agricultural plants (hops, grapevine, onions, cabbage and oilseed rape and some other species of the genus Brassica, hemp, apple, pumpkin, olive, buckwheat, spelt, peas, squash, maize and certain forage crops) and plant pathogens, on the study of their genomes and chromosomal aberrations. In plant biotechnology, we are involved in various applications of plant tissue culture, such as micropropagation, induction of haploid plants, protoplasts, gene transformation and genome rearrangement techniques. In the context of plant breeding, we develop both classical and the above-mentioned biotechnological methods with which we breed various agricultural species.

The scientific and technical work in these areas requires state-of-the-art equipment of the chair, such as the genetics laboratory, the tissue culture laboratory, the greenhouses and laboratory field, so that the equipment is regularly supplemented, upgraded and renewed and provides optimal working conditions.

Within the chair there is also a statistics group. Its main task is pedagogical work at all levels of education in the Department of Agronomy, as well as in other departments of Biotechnical Faculty. This group is involved in many researches in different fields, since the design of experiments and observations and the statistical analysis of the obtained data are an essential part of any research.