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Experimental field for nut crops Maribor

Research and professional work and transfer of knowledge to students and to practice take place on a 4 ha large Experimental field for nut crops in Maribor. As part of testing and introducing new cultivars, we maintain and regularly supplement collections, which include over 90 walnut cultivars, 66 hazelnut and 12 cultivars of chestnut. An important activity is breeding new domestic cultivars of walnuts and chestnuts, as well as research in the field of tree architecture, orchard management and plant protection measures. The acquired knowledge is crucial for intensive spreading of nut crops in Slovenia. We regularly put it into practice through the Slovenian Professional Association of Nut Growers, which unites most of the nuts' producers in our country. At the Experimental Field, we also maintain extensive mother plantations of walnut, hazelnut and chestnut, providing nurseries with basic material for plant propagation.