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The first Slovenian foresters with a university degree were trained and educated in Vienna and Brno, and afterwards Zagreb and Belgrade. The conditions for an independent university degree in Slovenia were met in 1949 when the first generation of forestry students enrolled at the agronomy-forestry faculty.

Since experience at home were scarce, the first curriculum was designed mainly on the basis of experiences from other forestry faculties. Research results upon which a modern study process could be developed were lacking, and thus emphasis was placed on research work and opening up to the world.

The current forestry study programme has been developed around the study of close-to-nature management in forests, which are essential component of our living space. The study of forestry is ecologically oriented with a distinct focus on economic and technical domains. Students graduating with a bachelor’s degree are therefore qualified to manage complex forest ecosystems using consistent close-to-nature management of forests and renewable forest resources, ensuring the preservation of the natural environment.

The Department of Forestry and Renewable Forest Resources encompasses a branched system of tertiary education, organised as seminars and workshops. Among others, the traditional Forestry Study Days has been a traditional annual event.