Vabljeni na brezplačni webinar, kako iskati podatke v Statisti. Izobraževanje bo potekalo v angleščini.


Na voljo so trije termini:

  • 16.3.2022, ob 15.00
  • 23.3.2022, ob 15.00
  • 30.3.2022, ob 15.00

Podrobnejši opis (v angleščini):

Are you new to Statista? We will show you around our database and will get you prepared to conduct your research on our platform.

• How do I start my research and what data can I find on Statista?
• Tips and tricks to make your research more efficient (including our Update and Collection function)
• What are the differences between the Datatypes and what are they best suited for?
• How can you use AskStatista as an included research service?
• Outlook & News