The view of the landscape, which the author Janez Marušič, professor emeritus of the University of Ljubljana, reveals in his book is, on the one hand, renaissance in its holism and inclusion of the spiritual dimension, and on the other hand, enlightened in its systematicity, analysis and consistent empirical proof of thesis with pictorial materials and numerous references from literary and material sources. However, this extensive and thorough look at the landscape throughout history is not only intended to (urgently and extremely instructively) familiarize the reader with what importance the landscape has always had for human's physical and spiritual existence and how, for pragmatic and ideological purposes, it came to be institutionalized and instrumentalized. It is a necessary introduction to current reflection on the fact that the truth (about the landscape) is incomprehensible as a whole and once and for all. The book requires the reader's long-term and repeated attention, comparison and reflection with other texts and knowledge. Therefore, it is not a textbook for preparing for an exam, but rather for preparing for the reflective and ethically responsible professional life of students and professionals. It is a reference work for everyone who is involved in spatial matters. It is the foundation for intersectional fields of thought that enable constructive reflection and transdisciplinary thinking of both physical and spiritual landscapes. The book thus creates a mental field for a deeper shift, which, in perspective, is the only possible way out of the predicament we have gotten into due to the dependence of human development on the exploitation of resources and the creation of waste.

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